Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send letters/cards to my sponsored child?
Yes. You can send letters and cards directly to your child through TLC Barefoot School using the following address: Mr. Wilbert St. Hilaire (and Your Sponsored Child's Name), c/o Agape Flights PAP28525, 100 Airport Ave., Venice, FL 34285. Remember to put the child’s name on the envelope and Mr. St. Hilaire will make sure your child receives your letter. We encourage our sponsors to write their child from time to time. This encourages them, and is a reminder they have sponsors that care for them.

Can I send a gift to my sponsored child?
Some sponsors want to send a gift to their child. However, if in a package, it gets held up in customs and the school has to pay fees to release that package. Your sponsorship fee pays for Christmas gifts for the children, which are purchased in Haiti, helping the local economy. Keep in mind, for these children it’s the little things that count. If you are wanting to send them something more substantial, such as shoes, personal items or books, we would ask that you contact the Sponsorship Coordinator, Mariem L. White at, to discuss your options about this.

I make my sponsorship fee in monthly payments, but would like to pay the balance now. How do I know how much that is?
We track all payments received. If you have any questions about how much your balance is, if we’ve received full payment, or have tax related questions, please contact Teresa Baudendistel at

We would like to plan a visit to Haiti and TLC. What are the requirements and process of visiting the school, and are there hotels close by?
First of all, you will have to have a passport, a plane ticket, and a place to stay while visiting. We can recommend accommodations while there, transportation modes and how to pack for Haiti weather conditions. We love visitors at the school and highly encourage our sponsors/donors to see first hand  how the school operates, the staff teaches, and the children learn and love! If you are planning a visit, contact Kathy Freudenberger, Board President,, or any Board Member and we would love to help you with details.

I want to share more information about TLC to my church or organization. What resources are available to me?
We love to talk to anyone and everyone about TLC and Jesus’ love for TLC. Contact any Board Member and we can help you with this.