Contact Us

Address for ALL monetary gifts and/or donations (memo check with SPONSORSHIP or DONATION):

TLC Barefoot School
c/o Tamara Meheux
13225 Rolling Plains Court
Herndon, VA 20171

Address for Correspondence to TLC or a card to a child (place child's name on backside of envelope):

TLC Barefoot School
Wilbert St. Hilaire
c/o Agape Flights PAP 26989
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, FL 34285

Feel free to contact any of the listed Board members with any questions or inquiries you might have!

TLC Board Members:

Teri Novotny, Public Relations & Sponsorship (Kansas)

Ginny Underhill, Member (Kansas)

Tamara Meheux, Co-Founder & Treasurer (Virginia)

Tom Counts, Co-Founder (Kansas)

Mariem White, Member (Ohio)

Kathy Freudenberger, Member (Ohio)